OKR Delivery Process

They really can work for you, not stop you from working.

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A clear and repeatable way to introduce some intelligence into how you approach measuring initiatives and results against OKRs. One that won’t take up more time in the planning than in getting shit done.

OKR Delivery Process

OKR Delivery Process

Objective and Key Result Delivery Process

1. Initial Submission and Review

  • Project Ticket Submitted For Review/Approval
    • Problem or challenge addressed
    • Potential value of delivering on this opportunity
    • What metric(s) are being targeted? What are the thresholds for:
      • Success
      • Partial Success
      • No Impact
      • Negative Impact
  • Suggested solution (or beginnings of a solution!)
    • Management Review of Opportunity
    • Which GTM-D OKR(s) does this contribute to?
    • Which team(s) are involved? Does this fit into their team objectives?
    • Do we have the bandwidth to complete this Q? This H? On approval add to the correct backlog.
    • Priority assignment
      • Must Do
      • Should Do
      • Could Do
      • Won’t Do

2. Project Planning

  • RACI Completion
    • Who is responsible? Accountable? Consulted? Informed?
  • Scoping and design
    • Level of effort
    • Amount of time
    • Required resources - people, money, etc
  • Measurement preparation
    • Project Management Tool: Attach project to the objective
    • RevOps: Create report to attach to project
    • BI Tool: Confirm metric’s availability and add the project measurement milestones
  • Final Approval of Project Plan - MD/VP Sign Off

3. Kick Off and Execution

  • Stakeholder Kick-off Session
    • Timelines, expectations, tasks, etc
    • ‘Sprints’ scheduled and agreed on
  • Ongoing Project Work
  • Wrap Up and Qualitative Summary Gathering from Stakeholders
  • 🍾

4. Measurement and Retrospective

  • Incorporation of project history into ongoing metrics review
    • ex. pipeline review includes a ‘causation/correlation’ check for recent initiatives that may be impacting pipeline
  • Review of results at pre-agreed measurement checkpoints
    • Which metrics have hit the success/expected impact thresholds?
  • Retrospective with stakeholders combining the qualitative summary and the observed results
    • Success? Failure? Do more like it? Never do it again?
  • Short summary attached to project and delivered to leadership as to the results and impact on top level company and EMEA OKRs